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 To Apply - Elgaraen

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Posts : 5
Join date : 2010-01-23

PostSubject: To Apply - Elgaraen   Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:05 am

Character name: Elgaraen
Race: Man
Class: Hunter
Level: 32
Current/Former Kinship: The Butterburr Staff, (Got an Alt still in there for the practiceing of rp.)
Why do you wish to join the Green Company?: I've been playing for a little while now and met mr. Amlarad. He made it all sound like you are all a very happy bunch to be with and I'm a very happy person myself :-)
How do you plan to contribute to the kinship?: Rp-wise (even though I'm not that good) I also want to contribute with helping new-players, (even though I'm still a bit of a newb myself XD) As well as crafting as soon as I get that to SM Razz (I'm a tinkerer so if I ever quest with you, I'l cook! XD)
How active are you? Quite, I'm about 2-5 hours online up to sometimes whole days when I'm off from school or work. :
Do you know of any members that could vouch for you?: Yup, Mr. (big-nose *poke* XD) Amlarad
Rp-History: She is one of the dunedain , 28-ish years old. But as of late, seeing I changed so suddenly with her Rp-wise I do not have a history for her yet.

Thankye , thankye. I do hope you'l let me join! *runs off to poke amlarad's nose somemore MEEP*
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Master Guardsman
Master Guardsman

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Age : 31
Location : Norway

PostSubject: Re: To Apply - Elgaraen   Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:26 am

Hey very nice to meet you Smile

RP is very easy once you get to learn it well at least thats how everyone makes it look. Im pretty noobish at it myself but everything goes with practice.
I would be most happy to let you join us but i will let amlarad tune in and vouch for you.

I play LOTRO. Therefor i am
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Master Guardsman
Master Guardsman

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Age : 29
Location : Shifnal

PostSubject: Re: To Apply - Elgaraen   Sat Jan 23, 2010 2:22 pm

So long as the poking of Amlarad's nose in public is kept to a minimal then ill vouch for you Razz Look forward to Rping with you in the future! Very Happy
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Age : 26
Location : Belgium

PostSubject: Re: To Apply - Elgaraen   Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:04 pm

Good to have you among the crew, Elgaraen! I hope you will have a good time in the kin. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: To Apply - Elgaraen   

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To Apply - Elgaraen
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