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 A Chance Meeting

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PostSubject: A Chance Meeting   Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:09 am

A Chance Meeting

It was a windy and rainy evening when Dinengel and Halthorn left the Old Greenway Fort and made their way south, travelling through the wild in a parallel fashion to the old Greenway road. They had taken pause in the ruined monument of their fallen kingdom to bring tidings of the North-Downs to their friend and kinsman Andreg, who held watch in the crumbled fort.

They reached Bree under the cover of the night, and started to climb the hill on which they would take position to keep watch over the northern part of the town.  The rain had ceased and the winds had died down as the clouds made way for a starry sky. When they reached the ruined Arnorian dias upon the summit, they were surprised to see they were not alone. There were three figures hooded in dark cloaks, observing the landscape.

Halthorn quickly halted his approach as hooded figures in Bree are more than often associated with trouble, and signalled Dinengel to stop. Even though Halthorn did not recognize them, their garment did remind him of men of his own kin. Could it be? He slowly walked forward, greeting the three strangers who immediately turned to him.

An awkward silence followed, while the three men quickly adjust their clothing to veil their faces and star-shaped brooch. They eyed Halthorn tensely, demanding an explanation without saying a word. Their weathered outfit, grey eyes and suspicion towards him made it clear to him: these men are his allies, not his enemies. He relaxed and introduced himself, beckoning Dinengel to approach as well.

Upon learning Halthorn's identity, the men relaxed as well and slowly took of their hoods to show their faces. Reassured that this newcomer was of their own kin, they introduced themselves as well.  It seems they have been looking for him, which was the last thing Halthorn would expect. Two of them, Badhiron and Acharnadan, had received word that the Green Company was in need of able-bodied men to keep the growing power of the Enemy at bay. They decided to heed the call and were told that it's captain, who goes by the name of Halthorn, might make his way to that slope that very night. The third man, who introduced himself as Dúveon, was already bound to another company but travelled along to lend aid nonetheless, as they shared the same enemies.

This chance meeting was certainly not how Halthorn and Dinengel had imagined their night, yet it filled their hearts with hope to learn there is still unexpected help to be found in these troubling times.

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A Chance Meeting
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