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 A Hobbit's Tale

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PostSubject: A Hobbit's Tale   Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:09 am

Elderwiser was but a hobbit-baby when he was found abandoned in the Marshes near the village of Fogmorton by local wealthy land-owners the Undercliffs of Scary, whom took pity upon the infant and raised him as their own.

The baby was the talk of the northern reaches of the Shire for many a day; just who had abandoned this baby, and for what reason was he abandoned, for hobbits never abandon their young and, indeed, hobbit families tend to be rather large like their bellies as a rule- and yet no other relatives came forwards to claim him.

And so it was that the Undercliffs, distant cousins of the Underhills in faraway Bree-land, named him Elderwiser- being the elder of their children, for he was found before the birth of any of the Undercliff's blood children, and all the wiser still, for without his baby screams when they were passing, Toadstall and Peppercorn Underliff would not have found him and surely he would have perished that cold winter night.

So Elderwiser grew up in Scary, enjoying the fields and the beauty of the Shire, and often took to long ramblings towards Bindbole wood north of Hobbiton. Living near Bullroarer's Throat, he took a fascination to the story of Old Wives of how Bullroarer drove back the goblin invasion of the Shire, and it was in this time that the first queer longings for adventure awoke within him.

When he was in his tweens, Elderwiser first joined the miners at Scary Quarry but along with the other workers he was forced to abandon the quarry when the spiders were awoken and settled there.
It was just after he Came of Age that a strange need for adventure awoke within him, leaving Peppercorn and Toady to suspect that, in terms of blood, he was probably more than half a Took.
Indeed, he soon took leave of his home and the family who brought him up and travelled to Michel Delving and soon set up as a Barber's Apprentice. But one day, he awoke, took a pony and left the Shire behind without a word or a goodbye, paths to explore, woods to map out, mountains to climb, and middle-earth to defend...
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A Hobbit's Tale
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